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Kyle's favorite place to visit was the country of Germany. He found the architecture incredible and fascinating. His favorite place was the medieval town of Bamberg, where he found the people friendly and the cathedrals breathtakingly beautiful.

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The Outer Banks in North Carolina was another of Kyle's favorites destinations. He loved engaging in conversation while going for long walks on the sandy beaches. Some of my favorite memories of Kyle are of the two of us walking this beach and talking about future plans for his life. – Mom


Nags Head at dusk with stepfather Rick Britton.

Kyle at the helm, sailing off the coast of Maine.

Kyle Brennan’s Mexican Adventure

When Kyle was nine years old, the family took a small vacation to San Diego, California.. While visiting, I decided that my two youngest sons, Sean and of course Kyle, should go on an adventure across the border into Mexico. I told my two boys it would be an opportunity for them to see how some people live outside of the United States. We decided it would be more interesting if we walked over the border and into the notorious Mexican City of Tijuana. I gave each of the boys some money to spend on trinkets while visiting.

We had not walked more than twenty feet down Revolution Boulevard when I heard my son Sean ask out loud, “Mom, can we go back to the United States now?” I answered that we had just arrived: “Let’s look into some of the little shops along the street.” Soon thereafter, Kyle took notice that we had a small band of children following us down the boulevard.

When we continued looking in the different shops, Kyle found a large sombrero and briefly contemplated purchasing it. He quickly realized, however, that he would never wear it, so after posing for a photo, he placed it back on its pile.

Moments later, I noticed that the small throng of children following us seemed to be growing and Kyle was lagging behind with them. When I asked Kyle what he was doing he responded, “I am giving them dollar bills!” I asked him if he wanted to use his money to buy something for himself. Kyle responded with a no, because he thought the children needed it more than he did. I told my son that he was a good and caring person.

As we were about to leave Tijuana I noticed a young family dressed in tattered clothing. They were jumping up and down with joy. “What has made them so happy?” I asked my boys. Kyle answered, “I gave the little girl twenty dollars that I was saving.”


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